MESSAGE FROM Brothers Khutsishvili

A New Generation of Winemakers With the Oldest Fermenting Traditions

We make wines in kvevri, keeping traditions that exist in the Khutsishvili family for more than 200 years! The combination of historical experience, advanced technology and 100% dedication to our work, allow us to receive the highest quality wines and the sincere love of our guests. Brothers Khutsishvili


The Reds

  • Saperavi dry
  • Saperavi semi-sweet


The Whites

  • Rkatsiteli, dry
  • Rkatsiteli mtsvane, dry
  • Qisi, dry
  • Mtsvane, dry



Brothers Khutsishvili Estate

The Location

Welcome to the family winery “Brothers Khutsishvili” (p. Kisiskhevi, Telavi district, Kakheti)! Due to the microclimate and the special soil, with. Kisiskhevi has always been an important region of Georgian winemaking. The name of this village is mentioned from the 4th century, as the “Land of Jesus Christ.” According to legend, this village was an affiliation of Jerusalem. It is on this land that we keep family Georgian traditions and produce high-quality wine for more than two centuries!